Where to dine in Thessaloniki – 5 restaurants to visit

All of us here, at Thesscar Rentals, do not fear to proclaim our great love of good food. Thessaloniki is a city that offers a plethora of flavors and aromas to whomever visits it. We are here to help you decide the places where you will dine during your stay here by sharing our top choices – the places where we choose to eat.

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5+1 of our favorite cafés/bars in Thessaloniki

For  those of us lucky enough to inhabit Thessaloniki, it’s a place that we love exploring even if we know most of it hidden treasures and secrets, as if hungry to find more reasons to take pride in the fact that we are a tiny part of the magic that oozes from the so called “co-capital” of Greece .  Thessaloniki and its people never cease to amaze us with the creativity and quality with which they back all their professional endeavors, specifically in the food & beverage industry.  In this installment we will try to showcase 5+1 of our favorite café/bars to visit, should you find yourself in lack of ideas while exploring the city.

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