5+1 of our favorite cafés/bars in Thessaloniki

For  those of us lucky enough to inhabit Thessaloniki, it’s a place that we love exploring even if we know most of it hidden treasures and secrets, as if hungry to find more reasons to take pride in the fact that we are a tiny part of the magic that oozes from the so called “co-capital” of Greece .  Thessaloniki and its people never cease to amaze us with the creativity and quality with which they back all their professional endeavors, specifically in the food & beverage industry.  In this installment we will try to showcase 5+1 of our favorite café/bars to visit, should you find yourself in lack of ideas while exploring the city.

1. Merenda

Let  us begin with one of the cosiest cafés in western part of the city. Merenda is currently celebrating its 4th birthday and we could not recommend it more to anyone who wishes to sip on some traditional Greek coffee in a warm and welcoming environment. It’s got a colorful decor while emitting an old traditional feel. Its backyard is one of its highlights with its relaxed island feel and the plants that surround it.

2. Toms Flagship Thessaloniki

Toms’ flagship store in Thessaloniki moonlights as an elegant café/bar where you can taste Greek brands of beer, relax in its spacious yard and absorb thought-provoking art, which often decorates its walls. It’s a gathering spot for intellectuals, students and businessmen during lunch breaks. A place that offers tranquility and inspires conversation.

3. Pantheon

Pantheon is unique in both its industrial interior and quality of beverages. Ideal for people watching and taking a break from shopping donwtown, it is situated in one of most well-liked and busy areas of the city and offers inarguably some of the best espresso-based beverages in town. Go ahead and try your first freddo espresso, here. You’ll thank us later.

4. U Bar Project

Let’s go back to the western side of Thessaloniki. There are few places in the city which have been as successful or talked-about as this bar in recent years. As you’ll witness upon visiting, it does not require a lot of effort to see why that is. The atmosphere here is lavish, the staff more than polite and you should definitely try some of their mouthwatering burgers.

5. Diatiriteo

Cosy, vintage and thematic. This bar is found downtown and it’s unique in its tendency to change its decoration in order to apply to specific events and holidays. Here, you’ll listen to some great music while being engulfed in an atmosphere of other eras and places. If you are visiting during Christmas, do not play yourself by not taking your better half here. Did we mention that it’s ideal for romantic dates?

+1. Gorilla

We have a special treat for the end of our list. If you are into cocktails, value great quality in beverages and want to party to R&B, pop and disco tunes this is the place to go. The owner of the bar, Achilleas Plakidas is the World Class Greece bartender of the year, and the cocktail list a testament to the great passion which he has infused into his work. Gorilla is also ideal for your weekend brunch as it offers unique flavors which will keep you going on long Sunday strolls in the busiest parts of town.

Don’t drink and drive. Your family and friends need you.

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