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THESSCAR is a car rental company, based in Thessaloniki and founded in 2015.

We offer excellent customer service thanks to our modern fleet of vehicles combined with simplifying the car rental process. Our goals are to constantly upgrade our car services and be worthy of your trust. With the best services and solutions that answer the needs of our customers so that we can constantly become better for our customers, but also for ourselves.

We are constantly on the rise, which is due to its immediate adaptation to market changes. By choosing THESSCAR, you will be completely satisfied with our services and we will always be by your side, so that everything is done in the ideal way.

Excellent service and simplified rental process

After all, our customers have placed us at the top of our industry through official Google ratings.

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Our priority is to provide high quality of services

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+30 6974151729

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We provide high quality services, providing all car categories and at competitive prices.

Δωρεάν παροχές υπηρεσιών από την ThessCar

24h roadside assistance

No limit in kilometers

(από 3 μέρες και πάνω)

Second driver

Kid’s seat


Thesscar is a greek company offering vehicle leasing services. Originally located in Thessaloniki, Thesscar provides it’s services to both companies and individuals. Leasing services for passenger car constitute a beneficial choice. We purchase, we maintain, we deliver – You drive!

Thesscar offers a wide range of vehicles, out of which you can make your own choice based on suitability and your requirements. Simultaneously, we provide flexible options to satisfy our clients emerging demands due to eventually occur. Maintenance costs and residual value is our responsibility, so that you do not confront any unexpected costs. Additionally, administrative affairs are not a concern of yours anymore.

Our offers

The best offers for a car rental in Thessaloniki

Thesscar can satisfiy your needs, providing you with the best offers. Rent a car now with the best prices.

ThessCar Car Rental

17€ / day



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+30 6974151729

+30 6943017019